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Our scents are chosen and created to assist you with creating a mood/atmosphere to assist you with loving who you are and where you are right now. I mean we all love candles, but using them to enhance your self care routine is top notch. Our candles are formulated with the cleanest ingrediants (no phthalates or paraffin) 100% soy wax with no additives, and cotton wicks.

With scents that are long lasting and sure to fill your space, you're guaranteed to come back for more trying all that we have to offer. Go ahead, add to cart and let us assist you with boosting your mood with scent and adding a little spice to your home decor with our vessels.

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Meet our Owner

My name is Cynobia Crumble. I created Crumbles of Love Candle Co. to assist women and men with making self care a priority. As a mother, it is sometimes hard to balance all that I do, and ensure that I have "me time" and I know i'm not alone. So, choosing scents that transform and create a space to one that we can truly relax and unwind in, became my main priority.

While researching and testing, I found that there is a chemical called phthlates used in candle making. Many "big" companies use it to make scent "potent" but these chemicals are harmful to the development of young children (potentially causing ADHD) and adult respiratory and reproductive health. They also can cause headaches. But, rest assured, there is none of that in any of the product; they are safe to burn around your entire family.

All of the products are phthlate, parabin, and parrafin free. Only the highest quality fragrance and essentil oils are used. And with keeping all of this in mind I have created quality, clean burning scents that are sure to help you create and take your self care routine to the next level.

I want to thank you so much for choosing my brand for your self care, home scents, and decor. Now go ahead, light your candle, sit back, relax and take a deep breath. You've earned it!!

  • Tranquility- Clean Breeze

    You want to create the ultimate tranquil environment? This scent is it. Clean breeze is the perfect breeze, freshly washed laundry, a cool day on the porch sitting in the swing. Its just perfect, its pure tranquility. So, rather you just completed laundry, straightened up, or just want a little piece of tranquility, this scent is for you. 

  • Relax- Cashmere+Plum

    As you enjoy this scent you will be encompassed by this soft fruit forward scent that has a cozy warmth that’s always inviting. Its like a warm hug at the end of a long day. Very soft, and subtle. This scent will create a space where you will be comfortable enough to let your hair down, and put your feet up and truly relax. This scent is a great choice to relax at any point of any day. 

  • Worthy- Black Cherry Merlot

    You are worthy! Whatever it is you desire. You are worthy of queen treatment, and anything else your heart desires. This black cherry merlot scent will help you feel just that, WORTHY of all things. The scent is deep, dark, and lusciousjust like you! 

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